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Late Night Meal

Late Night Meal

The menu below is required to be ordered with service of both chefs and waiting staff to provide the best atmosphere and cleanest experience for your guests.

Served later on in the evening, after your guests may have indulged in one or two glasses of fizz, these late night small dishes are perfect for weddings (particularly with evening guests), wine tastings, and any parties where guests may have eaten much earlier in the day, or not at all. Designed to be reasonably simple, but always tasty, and great food to eat after a drink!

Served in small ceramic plates and bowls.

Late night small plates (comes in portions of 10)

 Wild mushroom truffle mac & cheese (V)

 Chicken makhani curry, rice, cucumber yoghurt

 American beef sliders & chips

 Smoked cheese & kimchi toastie (V)

 Jerk chicken, pineapple slaw, sweet potato

 Gyozas, crispy chilli, black vinegar dipping sauce

 Smoked queso nachos, guacamole, pico de gallo (V)

@£50 for 10 of each dish


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