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Bowl Food

Bowl Food

The menu below is required to be ordered with service of both chefs and waiting staff to provide the best atmosphere and cleanest experience for your guests. 

We would advise that 2-3 bowls are adequate for guests if guests have dined earlier, or 4-5 dishes each if no other food has been provided.

A great way of sampling our around the world menu, is, the small bowl! 

These can be eaten standing up, and so perfect with a drinks reception or party, or any event that doesn’t require more formal dining. Served in small ceramic bowls.

Bowl food

 Xim-xim chicken peanut curry

 Short rib bourginon, root veg, Jersey cream mash

 Prawn laksa, rice noodles

 Chicken shwarma, pickled cabbage salad, ezme chilli sauce, flatbread

 Vegetable tagine, flatbread (VG)

 Paella, chorizo, mussels, prawns

 Prawn/vegetable moqueca (VG)

@£70 for 10 of each dish


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