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Carine Ottou

Born in Douala Cameroon, Carine has spent the first 14 years or her life in Yaounde where she started building the foundation for her interest for great food. She would spend hours with her aunt on Saturdays strolling the local food markets. But it is in France during her years at university that she developed her cooking skills even further. Carine has since met her Swedish husband in Dublin and now lives in Brixton with their two daughters. Nowadays, she spent most of her time planning for her next culinary events and developing her love for fermented food and in her allotment.

The Idea

The idea emerged from a real need for home made excellence, a return back to her roots, a nostalgia for simple yet well executed dishes. Where the focus was primarily on food and less on surroundings. A need to Learn; Cook and Share her culinary heritage. An idea that great food and skills should be easy to access. A believe that the best dishes are often delivered by those holding those secret family recipes.

The Passion

Passionate by lesser known cuisine, Carine spend a great deal of her time studying the origin of food and migration of specific ingredients. You can follow her other projects through and 

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